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Womens Sports Bra

The three must haves for a women’s sports bra; support, comfort and aesthetics. We think we’ve got all 3. A perfect combination of functionality and sustainability. You will be literally wearing waste, getting sweaty in it,  and doing it damn well. 


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2 reviews for Womens Sports Bra

  1. Alex (store manager)

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  2. Lucy Richardson (verified owner)

    I bought this and the leggings when mocean fitness first started and these were their first products!! To this day this sports bra is still one of my favourites, i am in love with the shape/design of it and its so comfy and supportive. Even after all this time it has held its shape, not lost its colour and looks great. Im so glad they kept this sports bra and the shape of it in their new range as it’s different to other sports bras out there. And its in the best colour!!

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