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We empower you with the potential
to do more to protect the planet, with our
environmentally impactful activewear,
so you can do good and feel good.

Typically, the production of activewear follows what we believe is a wasteful, open-loop and unsustainable process. Generally it is made from plastic which requires crude oil. Items are used for a number of months before being discarded to landfill and replaced. 

That has to change. 

We are committed to creating a complete circular economy in the sportswear industry. 

We create environmentally impactful activewear. Not environmentally friendly, impactful

We create activewear from waste pollution; recycled plastic, textile waste and factory discards. 

Because the waste used in our products is already in circulation, littering the earth and oceans, no crude oil or natural resources are required in the production of the material and thanks to our partnership with Sharewear, we’re taking the first steps towards preventing further waste from entering landfill. 

Please see our Sustainability page for more information on our environmental impact and our supply chain.