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Hi, I’m Alex Platt, and I’m the founder and sole owner of Mocean Fitness, which I founded in 2020.

I’m no entrepreneur, no fashion designer, and I really know nothing about how to build or create a brand. 

But I do have a vision, and I’ve come to learn from my journey over the past few years that a vision is enough to propel you and those around you forward.  It’s enough to do something pretty incredible. How to do it? I don’t worry about that, but I trust it will figure itself out. 

I’ve been on a journey over the past few years, a journey which has led to me to become incredibly curious and self aware, and I often find myself asking ‘how come I didn’t know this before?’

I started to learn about conservation and environmentalism completely by accident. Which has changed my life. My outlook on everything has changed, and it has given me a desire to not only do more to protect the planet and everything that we share it with, but help others do the same. 

I’m a plant-based athlete, self-confessed eco-warrior, total animal lover and life-long sports and fitness fanatic. 

I don’t think I’m going to be the person to change the way we fly across the world, to discover the next form of renewable energy or create an alternative to plastic, but I know for sure that together we are going to create the world’s most sustainable fitness brand. 

A community where incredible people can do incredible things to protect our planet and our futures. Thanks for joining me on the journey. Thank you for joining Mocean Fitness. To find out more about the people in our supply chain and our partners, please visit our Sustainability page.