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Our Purpose

The planet and its creatures are finite. Our potential to achieve is not. 

The planet is experiencing an epidemic of ocean pollution. Our oceans, and everything that inhabits them,
are fading right before our eyes. 

Animals in the ocean, on the land and in the air. We represent them all. we’re calling on the most powerful community on earth to be the voice of change. 

The United Nations Environment Program said, ‘If the current pollution rate continues, there will be more plastic in the Ocean than Fish by 2050.’ 

Fitness industry; welcome to the fight. Welcome to Mocean Fitness.

Our Process

Now you know why we’re here. Here’s how we do what we do.

We create activewear from waste pollution. Plastic waste and nylon waste, from the sea and from the land.

Planet Earth is completely polluted, and its resources are being stretched by consumer demand for new, new, new. 

We’re here to do things differently. 

Think about it; sportswear, typically, is made from plastic, the most common type of plastic in the world; Polyethylene. This requires crude oil to produce items that are often used for a number of months, and discarded into landfills before being replaced. 

It’s a wasteful, open-loop and unsustainable process. Period. 

The waste used in our products is already in circulation, littering the earth and oceans, so no crude oil or natural resources are required in the production of the material for our products, preventing further waste from entering landfill. 
We are committed to trying to create a complete circular economy in the sportswear industry. 

And we’re using the most focused, dedicated and collaborative community to do that; the fitness industry.

Our People

We are Mocean Fitness.

We’re a squad of fitness fanatic, tree hugging, purpose-driven eco-warriors that get our kicks from seeing each other succeed. 
The vision? To be the the most sustainable fitness community on Earth.
And not just for Mocean Fitness but for the entire industry, we’re taking the first steps towards pioneering a change and mobilising a community of like minded individuals and organisations committed to protecting the planet, it’s oceans and resources.
Right now we’re at stage 1, activewear from waste. But the goal is to create a completely circular economy for sports and performance wear. Products created from waste, that don’t produce waste, return and repeat.

On joining us, you’re not just buying a product, but a shared belief and a vision.