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We value the planet and life at every level.

 We have an unshakeable passion for what we believe to be right.

The human race is at the root cause of a plastic pollution epidemic. 

The oceans are desperately under threat.

There are over 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean right now, killing over 100 million marine animals every year.

And they’re just the ones that are found.

That’s why we’re here.

For the earth, for the oceans, for the animals.

And we are not alone.


From recycled waste pollution, to sustainable performance and activewear.

We create fitness and activewear from ocean pollution including ghost fishing nets and pre/post consumer nylon waste from landfills, and a recycled performance fibre constructed from recycled plastic bottles.

The waste used in the materials for our products is already in circulation, littering the earth and oceans, so no crude oil or natural resources are required in the production. 

This also prevents further waste from entering landfill.

We’re committed to trying to create a complete circular economy in the activewear industry.


We are Mocean Fitness.

We’re taking the first step towards creating a positive change in an industry we love, by mobilising a community of like minded individuals and organisations committed to protecting the planet, its oceans and resources.

We are committed to trying to create a complete circular economy in the sports wear industry.

We have a vision, but right now we need unity.

Welcome to the movement

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